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All That Jazz

Updated: May 14, 2023

The Notre Dame Jazz Ensemble travelled to the Surrey Schools International Jazz Festival on Friday, February 24, under the direction of Mr. Passmore.

The band performed "Birth of the Blues", "Tomorrow's Memories", and "Watermelon Man" before three adjudicators, before participating in a workshop with Ellen Marple.

Grade 12 alto saxophone, Anthony Chau, was the ND representative on the Junior/Senior Rep Band. Anthony played a solo at the evening showcase, sharing the festival stage with professional musicians.

Weather saw the cancellation of Saturday programming; otherwise, the 25-member strong Jazz Ensemble, with players from Grade 8 through 12, might have been invited to take up their instruments again.

ND Jazz Ensemble is an auditioned class, which runs "extracurricularly" outside of the regular timetable. Students meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4pm. They will play March 9 in Alumni Hall for the March Invitational Concert, and are busy rehearsing for the Whistler Festival in April and, of course, the Jazz and More Spring Concert on June 1. (Concert Bands Spring Concert is on May 31.)


Photo Credits: Mr. Dharmasetia, Allison Marcos


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