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Updated: May 14, 2023

Student Council held its first BINGO Night in the Auditorium Wednesday evening, and it was an awesome success. Already, Jugglers are asking when’s the next one.

Doors opened just before 6pm. Entry was free, and participants received one complimentary BINGO card with admission. (Students could, and did, opt to buy extras for a small charge.) ND’s Care Collective took care of the Concession.

Ms. Thorburn, who called the numbers for all 8 rounds, said, “It was a really nice evening where our students were not zoned in on their phones but genuine laughter, conversations and friendly competition took place.”

About 100 students came out for the activity. The turn-out was so positive, the organizers have made a mental note to get more chips B4 ;) the next time.

Although he was not a prize winner, Mateo C. (Grade 11) could not help beaming when asked about his enjoyment of the event: “It was so fun! What can you not like about BINGO?”

Aira E. (Grade 11) concurs: “I’d do it again… I didn’t expect that many people to be there, and the fact that there were just people eager to play made it more fun.”

She was sitting with Maecon G., who was one square away in the final contest. Things got intense. Hopes are always highest after a false call… Her friend did not end up winning.

Marco K. did and plans to spend his prize on … “I don’t even know, to be honest.”

(Does Maecon have a strategy in mind for next time? “More cards for sure.”

Alyssa B. in Grade 8 took the top prize.

Daniel R., who still remembers his winning square (N-44), almost knocked his chair over; he was so elated.

Whoever had the brilliant idea to do BINGO for ND, “Tell them thank you!”


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