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End-of-Semester Reporting: What to Expect

Updated: May 14, 2023

Teachers have finished posting end-of-semester marks for Semester 1 courses. GLCs and Admin are now in the process of reviewing individual progress reports. All student assessments to be considered for inclusion in this round of reporting should have been submitted for evaluation by Wednesday, January 25.

Students and parents can expect the Semester 1 Report to be available on Wednesday, February 8.

As with November Midterms, reports will be released through MyEd. The system will send an email notification to active users when the pdf has been published and is available to view in the portal.

If you have difficulty accessing your student/parent account, email with your full name and details.


Please Note: What appears in the Term table will vary, depending on the specific subject/grade level.

Click here to see which cells ought to be filled for each type of course.

On all reports:

  • Gr8-9 courses will see letter grades (L.G.) for term progress, and a final percentage if the course has finished; Gr10-12 courses will have percentages (%) for term progress and the final grade.

  • A letter grade or percentage under column “1” represents student progress in relation to learning standards at the time of November Midterms. (Courses which only started after November Midterms will not show a letter grade or percentage in this column.)

  • The letter grade or percentage posted under column “2” is cumulative, representing student progress in relation to learning from the start of the course through January reporting. (Courses which ended in November will not show a letter grade or percentage in this column.)

  • Columns “3” and “4”, which are reserved for Semester 2 reporting terms, should be empty.

  • “F” will only show a final percentage IF the course is concluded; so, full-year courses will not have anything under “F”.

  • Work habits (W.H.) are indicated by E, G, S, or N. The info sheet accompanying the published Report shows the provincial letter grade scale and work habit codes in use.

  • Absences and lates are based on class attendance.


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