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"Hot Ones" ahead of Winter Break

Updated: May 14, 2023

It’s a rare sight to see 51 students gathering in a Science classroom after dismissal... (mere hours before the Senior Band Concert no less!). But with the promise of a party jam-packed with food and festivities, how could they resist?

Room 104 was teeming with students this past Friday for Leadership and Ministry's Christmas event. The main attraction? Quite possibly the spicy session of "Hot Ones" with ND's very own chaplain, Fr. Richard Conlin. With such a send-off for the winter break, members left with quite a bit of holiday cheer.

Interesting snacks are staples at Leadership and Ministry events, and this particular day was no exception. Attendees found themselves face-to-face with a mountain of cupcakes and cookies.

But among all the usual delights, there lay a terrifying bowl of spicy noodles — sure to scare off most. Except for Fr. Richard.

Leadership and Ministry’s Core Team member Adriana Lee Hung asked the ND chaplain a series of hard-hitting questions as he made his way through the fiery bowl like a champ. Only after the camera was put away did Fr. Richard get a little teary-eyed from the heat.

Find out if Fr. Richard would put his hypothetical son in VC or ND...

With the inaugural interview a success, the Leadership and Ministry Team is wondering: who do ND students want to see take the spicy noodles challenge next?


The event wasn’t over.

Attendees could participate in a variety of activities, including karaoke, card games like Anomia, and the creation of a Christmas masterpiece.

Anyone looking at ND's academic wing from Juggler Field this week would have noticed the colourful mural now adorning the windows of Room 104. Hand-painted by members of Leadership and Ministry, it features a beautiful image of the Holy Family with the inscription, Sancta Familia, ora pro nobis, which means "Holy Family, pray for us.”

Christian Education teacher Mr. Dharmasetia was impressed by the turnout:

The fact that 50 teenagers willingly stayed after school on a Friday and had a great time, not only with their teacher but with their chaplain, speaks for itself.

Although the club has undergone changes in recent years, Leadership and Ministry's future has never looked brighter. With a consistent attendance of over 50 for each event, this student-led club strives to promote Catholic values in the school community.

Leadership and Ministry continually gives club members, like 11th-grader Robbie Suganob, a memorable and welcoming atmosphere:

Personally, I find there's no better way to finish off the week than with Ministry. It's a wonderful way to strengthen my faith with like-minded individuals, and I love how the Executive Team presents us with different faith-related concepts and creative activities every meeting... with free snacks to boot.

Needless to say, the Christmas event was a success, and club members are looking forward to more outreach activities in the new year.

Blessings to all!


Co-written by Leadership and Ministry Core Team members, Niza Manalili (Gr12) and Tyler Lacson (Gr11).

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