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Juggler Invitational 🏀

Updated: May 14, 2023

Notre Dame’s gymnasium bleachers and main corridor ran with many more colours than the usual blue and grey yesterday. Sixteen CISVA elementary school teams participated in the inaugural Juggler Invitational Basketball tournament on Wednesday, February 1.

ND student volunteers, in their capacity as referees, scorekeepers, concession, and takedown crew, helped to make the long day a success.

The atmosphere in the packed Alumni Hall was electric, with 9:00am tip-off and finals at 5:00pm announced by Vice-Principal Jon Tagulao.

Our Lady of Sorrows’ Girls faced off against St. Helen’s and took gold. St. Helen’s Boys beat out Corpus Christi.

Congratulations to all participating teams:

  • St. Helen's - Boys (Gold), Girls (Silver)

  • Corpus Christi - Boys (Silver)

  • Our Lady of Sorrows - Girls (Gold)

  • Queen of All Saints

  • Holy Cross

  • St. Jude's

  • St. Michael's

  • St. Francis of Assisi

  • St. Patrick’s


Photo Credit: jianpingproductions


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