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Midterms: What to Expect

Updated: May 14, 2023

We're nearly halfway through Semester 1!

Teachers will be submitting Midterm letter grades/percentages next week. All coursework to be considered for inclusion in this round of reporting must be completed by Friday, October 28.

Please note the special two-block schedule set for October 27 and 28: students will attend only their Block A and B classes on Thursday, and Block C and D classes on Friday. These 2.5-hour periods are intended to allow for the possibility of longer assessments ahead of reporting.

Students and parents can expect the Midterm Report to be available by 6pm on November 8.

As with Interims, Midterms will be released through MyEd. The system will send an email notification to active users when the pdf has been published and is available to view in the portal.

If you have difficulty accessing your student/parent account, email with your full name and details.

The published Progress Report will look something like this:

Please Note:

  • Any teacher remarks will appear under "Comments/Ways to Support Learning".

  • Only the "1" column will be filled for this Midterm Report; there will not be any data under columns "2", "3", or "4". The single exception is for Term 1 electives/courses, which are no longer in session; for these, the final letter grade will appear under the column labelled "F".

  • Gr8-9 courses will see letter grades (L.G.); Gr10-12 courses will have percentages (%) as well.

  • Work habits (W.H.) in each course will be indicated by E, G, S, or N.

  • This info sheet, which will accompany the published Midterm Report, shows the provincial letter grade scale and work habit codes in use.

  • Absences and lates are posted by class.

  • Except for Term 1 electives/courses, posted letter grades/percentages reflect student progress in relation to learning standards at the time of reporting.

Midterm Reports acknowledge current strengths as well as communicate how individual learners can work to improve now and through the remainder of the course.

Instruction and assessments are ongoing; the final grade, when the course ends, will be a cumulative one.

Semester 1 finishes on January 25.


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