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NDOC Paddle Trip

Alouette Lake is a popular camping and swimming spot, but few people know that there are a couple of beautiful marine sites farther up the lake that make it a great area for exploration by canoe.

Last Sunday morning, Ms. Schaper-kotter drove 13 students and their gear to Golden Ears Provincial Park for launch. Within the hour, they were loaded onto 6 other rented canoes and paddling off.

The Outdoor Club's destination was 9 km up the west shore, a lovely alluvial deposit at the mouth of Moyer Creek.

This was to be base camp for the next three nights. After setting up tents, tarps, and kitchen, Mr. McCracken and Ms. Chan sat back and watched the kids revert to the state of nature in the absence of cell service: they socialized, explored, rehydrated meals, and even made a little music.

And of course, if young folk have axes, matches, and fishing rods on hand, they will keep themselves busy for hours.

Students did more of the same on Tuesday, after paddling up another 9km to the north end of the lake: making a fire and trying their luck at fishing.

On the water, everyone's technique benefitted from Mr. McCracken's personalized instruction.

The waterfalls were fun...

Campfires too.

After three nights of feeling the camp vibes, the group had a spectacular paddle back to the launch site.

The NDOC's next excursion into the wild is at the end of May: Spring Camp-Out at Newcastle.


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