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Prepping for Midterms

Updated: May 14, 2023

We're nearing the halfway mark of our second and final semester. Following Spring Break, there's only about a week of regular classes before Midterm reporting is due... Are you ready?

What to Expect

Any coursework to be considered for inclusion on the Midterm Report should be completed by Friday, March 31, to allow time for teacher evaluation.

Please note the special two-block schedule on April 3 and 4: that Monday, students will attend only their Block E and F classes, and only their Block G and H classes that Tuesday. These 2.5-hour periods are intended to accommodate longer assessments ahead of reporting.

Teachers will be submitting letter grades/percentages for review by GLCs and Admin before the Easter weekend.


Midterm Reports acknowledge current strengths as well as communicate how individual learners can work to improve now and through the remainder of the course.

Students and parents can expect the Midterm Report to be available by 6pm on April 13.

As with Interims and all academic reporting, Midterms will be released through MyEd. The system will send an email notification to active users when the pdf has been published and is available to view in the portal.

If you have difficulty accessing your student/parent account, email with your full name and details.


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