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Updated: Jul 7, 2023

So, things look a little different...

Our goal with this website redesign is to keep you coming back – not just because this is where students and parents can expect to find the essentials, readily and reliably, but because this is the online home of the Jugglers. A virtual Open House, year-round.

As a staff, we’re proud of what we offer students, and we’re proud of what our students do.

Here, visitors will get an intimate look into the great variety of activities which fill our days – from out-of-timetable practices to lessons in and out of classrooms that push us out of comfort zones, to moments of discovery with friends, to competition, to individual pursuits, to music and laughter and improvisation.

Our day-to-day is anything but routine.

We hope you recognize in these endeavours the strength of our community. We hope you can see all the possible ways a young person might contribute uniquely to the life of this school – as nearly 70 years' worth of graduates have done, since the Sisters of Charity of Halifax first took up Archbishop Duke’s challenge to provide Catholic education for parishes in East Vancouver and Burnaby.

This website celebrates not only our present facilities, but also the work of generations past, and invites you to share in the vision of a Notre Dame which continually evolves to serve those who choose to make it their own.


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