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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry connects the school community to the greater Catholic community in the Archdiocese of Vancouver. Primarily, we organize monthly school Masses, chapel Masses, and other liturgical events.


Campus Ministry also works with GLCs to develop grade level retreats, and will be developing other retreats for students. In Advent and Lent, the East Vancouver Deanery priests come to Notre Dame to hear confessions from all students who wish to prepare for the great seasons of Christmas and Easter through reconciliation.


The Campus Ministry Coordinator, Mr. Howie, works with the coordinators at the other Archdiocesan high schools on common programs, sharing in the development of resources. Students are involved in this department through volunteering at Mass as readers and altar servers. The school sacristan, Mr. Dharmasetia, organizes altar servers and welcomes new servers at the beginning of the academic year. 

A Prayer to Know, Love, and Serve

Father, we ask for grace through every moment of this day:
to know You more clearly as our first beginning and last end;
to love You as being everything our heart could
desire and need;
to serve You in everyone we meet 
so that they may see

Your presence in all that we say and do, 

through Christ Our Lord. 



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A Message from Our Chaplain

What a great joy it is for me to be your chaplain this year! Since you’re reading this, I ask of you two things.


First, say a Hail Mary prayer for me that I may help you and the entire Notre Dame community experience the fullness of joy that Jesus promises us.


Second, next time you see me, say “hi” to me and share with me your talents and ideas, so that together, we can do something great for God this year.



Fr. Richard Conlin

Assistant Pastor at Corpus Christi Parish

School Masses

Opening School Mass

Fr. Richard Conlin

September 15

Immaculate Conception


December 8

Easter Mass


April 20

Our Lady of the Rosary


October 6

1st Mass of the New Year


January 12

Mother's Day Mass


May 12

All Souls


November 3

Ash Wednesday


February 22

Grad Mass


June 15

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