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Wedding Band


The study of instrumental music contributes to a culture that words and images alone cannot express. The Band Department is designed to aid students’ understanding and appreciation of music. The most successful and active way to learn music is to participate through practice, rehearsal and performance.  The Band program achieves this through the different Concert Bands, Jazz Ensembles and other instrumental groups. Students are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles through playing one’s instrument along with short engaging assignments.


The Grade 8 Band offers an opportunity to start the study of a band instrument, or to continue one’s experience from previous schooling. The Grade 8 Band works in a team environment, where students learn to support each others’ individualized learning.  This culminates with the Winter and Spring  Performances, along with adjudicated music festivals.


Under the leadership of Mr. Greg Passmore, students are encouraged to acquire individual progress of musical skills on their instrument(s). These skills are refined through the preparation of concerts, festivals, trips and tours.  Band is a team-oriented course where the whole ensemble is working towards a common goal of sonic beauty and achievement. The life skills of resilience, bravery, community, independence and the pursuit of sheer enjoyment are the inevitable outcomes towards the practice of these goals.

Department Head:
G. Passmore


  • Music 8: Concert Band

  • Music 8: Jazz Band

  • Music 9: Concert Band

  • Music 9: Jazz Band

  • Instrumental Music: Concert Band 10

  • Instrumental Music: Jazz Band 10

  • Instrumental Music: Concert Band 11/12

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