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School Policies, Regulations, and Sanctions

The school expects that all students and their families will affirm and agree with

the basic Christian values

essential to our Faith Tradition

as found in this Handbook,

which they are required to read

and study thoroughly before and while attending Notre Dame. 

A spirit of Christ-like charity, respect for authority, and mutual cooperation are essential elements of the learning environment at Notre Dame Regional Secondary. Students are expected to act with courtesy and respect toward one another and toward all members of the staff. They must take seriously their obligation to develop lifetime habits of self-control and concern for the well-being of others. Home and school will work together to help students to learn and live the qualities of responsible behaviour and the elements of good citizenship.


General Discipline Policy

A student who chooses to disrupt the good order of the school or to violate a policy or regulation will have to accept the consequences of those irresponsible choices.


Appropriate discipline is within the discretion of the Administration.


Notre Dame Regional Secondary uses a system of progressive discipline which is designed to modify behaviours that interfere with this learning program.

If and when problems do occur in relation to the school, please follow the Complaints Procedures

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