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Career Life Education

Department Head:

A. Davidson


  • Career Education 9

  • Career Life Education (Gr.10)

  • Career Life Connections (Gr.12)

  • Capstone (Gr.12)

Career Education helps students determine not what they want to be, but rather who they want to be. It develops personal interests, strengths, and competencies, and investigates the things that inspire, motivate, and propels students forward.

Planning one’s own career-life is an ongoing process that is not limited to one major decision; rather, purposeful planning extends across one’s lifetime. Setting personal, meaningful goals, recognizing relevant opportunities, cultivating supportive relationships, and revising one’s life plan is a “requirement for educated citizens in an ever-changing world” (BC Curriculum- CLE/ CLC).

A primary component to Career Education is the Grade 12 course, Career Life Connections (CLC), which includes an experiential learning component of 30 hours, a mentorship opportunity, and a CAPSTONE project that incorporates students’ interest areas.

Ultimately, Career Education focuses on applying personal career-life management knowledge, skills, and strategies to one’s own personal life journey.


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