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M. Conway


In Notre Dame’s Mathematics courses, students learn reasoning, logic, visualization, and communication skills as they make connections between Math and nearly all areas of life.

In the junior grades, students learn about numbers, what they represent, and how mathematicians use them to describe, and compare the quantities of ratios, rates, and percents. Students also learn to apply, describe, and analyze operations with numbers to algebraic situations and real-world scenarios.

Notre Dame offers its Math students choice between Workplace, Foundations, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus courses, including an Accelerated Honours stream.


  • Mathematics 9

  • Foundations of Math/Pre-Calculus 10

  • Workplace Mathematics 10

  • Foundations of Math 11

  • Pre-Calculus 11

  • Workplace Math 11

  • Foundations of Math 12

  • Pre-Calculus 12

  • Calculus 12

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