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Modern Languages

T. Robinson

Modern Languages

Our objective is to promote the appreciation of the cultures of the French- and Spanish-speaking world through studying the languages.

We hope to give students skills that they may use in the real world, and encourage life-long language appreciation and learning. We promote risk taking, reflection, and self-correction during the language learning process, and endeavor to open hearts and minds to the world around us.

We seek to develop all four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. The target language is used in the classroom as is appropriate for the level of the students.

Grade 8 students learn French as a complete beginner. They start with greetings, numbers, telling time and talking about the weather. They progress to describe their family, what people do, and what they look like.

There is a lot of emphasis on speaking and listening, but the students also do many writing and reading activities.

Students who excel in Grade 8 may be offered a spot in the French 9 Honours class for the next school year. Students must be recommended by their teachers, and will study French 9, 10 and 11 in two courses, not three.

In senior French and Spanish classes, there may be field trips to cultural events. In the past, we have had students visit the Vancouver Art Gallery and various restaurants. Every year, we have a crepe truck come to Notre Dame, and the students must order in French or Spanish.

Every two years, there is a trip to Europe, and while not a part of the Modern Languages Department, this gives interested students an opportunity to visit countries where French and Spanish are spoken.


  • French 8

  • French 9

  • French 9 Honours

  • French 10

  • French 10 Honours

  • Core French 11

  • Core French 12

  • Introductory Spanish 11

  • Spanish 11

  • Spanish 12

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