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Music & Drama

S. Isherwood

Music & Drama

Each student in Concert Choir is on their own individual learning program. All students concentrate on learning and applying vocal technique to all kinds of singing styles, from classical songs to musical theatre and pop. All students perform in international festivals. The Show Choir program at NDRS is unique in Western Canada.

Musical Theatre integrates dance, drama and music to provide unique, aesthetic experiences through the expression of ideas, meaning, and emotions. The focus is on developing technical and expressive skills in all three disciplines and using them in a variety of styles and ensemble sizes. Students perform regularly in group situations. They will be creating a touring Christmas Show Choir Company,

competing as a Show Choir in a major international festival, performing in concerts throughout the year, and auditioning for and creating numbers in a Revue Show.

Theatre Company is an intensive Dramatic Arts Course with an emphasis on performance. Students will explore, design and refine a range of productions, both as a group and as an individual. The company will combine dramatic elements for stage and screen to create major productions for different audiences and occasions. These productions will include a three-scene Remembrance Day Service, a seven-scene Christmas Play, characters and scenarios for the ND Improv Championships, and an entry in the MAD Film Festival.

Theatre Production is designed to provide students with basic skills and knowledge in all areas of theatrical and film production. All students work prior to and during play productions, on production, stage management, set construction and design, lighting, costumes, properties and special effects. This is a challenging course where students gain practical experience and obtain professional work experience, while learning to maintain a cohesive working group. A great deal of commitment is required and there is a selection process to enroll.


  • Music/Drama 8

  • Music 9: Concert Choir

  • Music 9: Musical Theatre

  • Drama 9

  • Choral Music: Concert Choir 10

  • Choral Music: Concert Choir 11

  • Choral Music: Concert Choir 12

  • Musical Theatre 10

  • Musical Theatre 11

  • Musical Theatre 12

  • Theatre Company 11

  • Theatre Company 12

  • Theatre Production 11/12

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