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Future Juggler...

Where you choose to spend the next 5 years is a big decision. There is so much to consider.

Let us show you what one day — your day — as a student at Notre Dame might look like...  


Personalize your ND experience.
Tell us what interests you:


How do you want to be involved?

Select -3-5 extracurriculars which might interest you...

Don't be scared. High school can seem like a lot. But it isn't at Notre Dame.


With one of the smallest populations in all of the BC school system, the integration to ND is seamless and within a few short weeks you'll be part of the close knit family...

Andréa Ferronato, Gr11

Your day begins

First bell goes at 8:25am. Choir or team practice may bring you to school earlier. 

Got your uniform?

How about a reliable laptop?

Using your myndrs student account, you'll have access to 
all of the tools and services under Google Workspace for Education — including Gmail, Drive, and Google Classroom. 

Seems like you're ready for class :)

The following is what your semester could look like... Students typically get their schedules in late August.  




Science and Math at the Grade 8 level are taught together as part of a full-year STEM course also encompassing Technology and Engineering. You'll be applying scientific concepts to real-world problems, developing core competencies in communication, creative and critical thinking, as well as personal and social skills.

Look forward to exploring the Kinetic Molecular Theory with dry ice, measuring the mitochondria, (powerhouse of the cell) via chemistry, as well as engineering bridges and hydraulic machines!

Block A: