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Important MyEd Notices

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Summer maintenance — MyEducation BC will be offline and inaccessible as of 5pm on Friday, August 4 until Monday, August 14 for the End-of-Year Rollover (EOYR). This is an annual process which transitions every school using MyEd from one academic year to the next.


Save Reports Now

Families wishing to save a copy of last year's student report cards should download a copy before the portal closes on August 4.
Please note that last year's report cards will be automatically deleted from the system before it comes back online on August 14.

When Users Can Log In Again

Once the system comes back online, schools are still individually responsible for completing a number of essential setup tasks, like committing the schedule and creating new user accounts.

For this reason, even when the portal becomes accessible again on August 14, information like student timetables will not appear in MyEd immediately.

As with report cards, active users should receive an email when timetables have been published.

  • For current students, MyEd notifications will appear in their Notre Dame email account (

  • For parents, it is whichever email address was collected/verified at the time of their introduction to MyEd (by a previous school or ND).

Information related to course changes will follow summarily.

Questions about scheduling can be sent to Please note that Ms. Marghetti will not be accepting change requests via email.


MyEd Accounts

After August 14, only families who are actively enrolled at Notre Dame for September will have portal access.

Returning students and parents should be able to sign in with their existing username and password combinations.

  • Notre Dame-created accounts typically have the user’s primary email address as the username.

  • MyEd requires everyone to choose new strong passwords after 90 days. Follow onscreen instructions if yours has expired.

Families new to Notre Dame – incoming Grade 8s and students entering Grade 9 through 12, as well as their parents – will receive a system notification when their user accounts become available. (Here's a preview of what to expect.)


Grads will no longer be able to access the MyEd portal and should visit the Ministry of Education website for requests pertaining to their academic record (e.g. transcripts). If you don’t know your Personal Education Number (PEN), look for it at the top of any school-issued report card.


Notre Dame’s school office will be closed July 31 through August 14.

All MyEd-related inquiries should be directed to


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