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Midterm Reports available April 13

Progress reports for Semester 2 will be published to the MyEd portal by 6pm, Thursday.

Work habits, marks, and comments were posted by teachers prior to the Easter weekend, based on evidence of student learning to date.

Except for sections of T4 which ended on March 10, all courses are still in progress until June 15.


When a report is available...

As before, and with all such releases, active users receive an email notification from MyEd alerting them to the publication of the report.

The report itself, in PDF format, is found in the portal – not under the Academics tab, but under the section labelled Published Reports on the landing page (if you’re on a desktop), or under the Announcements heading (if you’re on a mobile device).

All reports released through MyEd will have a closing date of July 31.

Please email if you encounter any difficulties with access.


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