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Parent-Teacher Conference

Parents/Guardians, A reminder that interim reports are available in the MyEd portal. Please log in to access the report. The Interim Report provides a comment from subject teachers on whether your child currently meets or does not meet the course expectations. We recommend that parents/guardians of students who are not meeting expectations--or are exhibiting concerns related to effort and behaviour--book an appointment at the upcoming parent-teacher conferences. Letter grades or percentages are not reported at this time. Parent-teacher conferences will be held via Zoom Video Conferencing tomorrow Wednesday, October 11 from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m. Please see the instructions below for booking and the Zoom links for parent-teacher conferences. How to access interim reports

  • Users (students and parents) who have logged in previously can proceed to the portal (click here).

  • Parents who have not yet logged in to the MyEd portal should follow these instructions (click here).

Booking Parent-Teacher Conferences appointments:

  • To schedule a 5-minute session with individual teachers, please follow the onscreen prompts at (click here) or visit the school website.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences take place online tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11, from 3:30-7:00pm. Please use the following Zoom links to connect with the appropriate teacher Parent-teacher zoom links (click here). Please note that you will be placed in a Zoom waiting room before you are connected to the Zoom session. The Zoom links will also be available on the school website tomorrow.


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