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This is Belinda.

And this is Belinda with her handmade collar. Ms. Shin is a little upset that she didn’t think to go to Belinda when she decided to be RBG (the late US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) for Halloween last year.

Belinda often crochets during Book Club meetings, resting her fingers only to tell us about her latest book (currently reading Shadow and Bone but excited to start reading All Quiet on the Western Front).

Crocheting is a hobby she started when she was 12 years old, figuring it was the next thing to do after learning knitting and weaving. What she makes is sometimes dictated by the price of yarn, her favourites being pastel colours in cotton, though she hopes to invest in higher quality fibers eventually. Mostly, though, inspiration comes from whatever she finds on Pinterest.

A dark pumpkin orange sweater she had been working on is on the back burner because it became “logistically too much for [an activity] that should be mindless”. Having just finished a lovely off-white clutch with an alpine stitch, Belinda is contemplating Granny square pants next. She’s not entirely sure though -- it’s a 70s trend, so “very bold” and perhaps not very comfortable either. It’ll also probably take 20-25 hours... Not that that would stop her. 🧶

What would you spend that much time on?

This is Belinda.
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