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This is Raff.

Raff has recently discovered some new interests, including but not limited to handing out flowers to random people on the street, looking at pictures of gerbils, passing out at the gym, memorizing obscure songs, reading once a month, skateboarding, accidentally burning himself on the coffee machine, and swimming in random bodies of water. 

But what he's really known for around here is treating everyone like a member of his really extensive, loving Italian family -- whether they're related or not. Every Juggler's got talents; Raff's not-so-hidden gift might be befriending technical strangers. Every day, there’s a new person he’s laughing with or talking to; people just seem to come alive around him.

“Everyone has a little freak inside them,” Raff explains. “I’m just trying to bring it out!” Faces brighten as he approaches.

“His laugh is so contagious,” says a passing friend. “It’s impossible not to join in.”

Not a week goes by without a family member stopping Raff on the street, or in the halls, to catch up. If he’s not at school, skateboarding, or hanging out with friends, then he’s at a family event. Raff’s got an endless array of Zias, Zios, cousins and Nonnas that even he occasionally has trouble keeping up with. (The moments he cherishes the most? Cooking, making coffee, or just laughing with his mom.)

But it’s easy to find Raff in a crowd. Follow the playful shoving. Listen for the sound of lockers banging and festive chatter. There’s probably spilled food of some kind, and a group of packed-in bodies slipping and sliding around, having the time of their lives. Somewhere in that bolstering cluster, riding the chaos, will be Raff. Cackling away like there's no tomorrow. 


This is Raff.
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