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This is Sofia.

She is obsessed with the stars. We are not talking about the celebrity sort, but luminaries of the celestial variety.

Sofia positively lights up when she talks about The Universe and Beyond by Terence Dickinson. That book first ignited her love of astronomy several years ago, when an elderly family friend was cleaning out her library and sent some books home with her. In fact, she's recently completed her 3rd voyage through those beloved pages.

Her love of the popular science fiction series, Dune, by Frank Herbert, has only contributed to her love of astronomy. (The latest movie adaptation, starring Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, is out! Who’s watching it?) She adores connecting Herbert's vivid imagery and world building of distant planets to the images and descriptions of the real worlds in our galaxy and beyond.

After reading about each constellation, planet and moon dozens of times, she has decided that her favourite constellation is either Apus, the bird of paradise, or Draco, the dragon, though she has yet to spot either of them in the night sky.

She also is a strong believer that life is lurking beneath the frozen lakes of Jupiter's moon Europa... 🌌


This is Sofia.
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