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Foods and Nutrition

Department Head:

J. Isherwood


  • ADST: Food Studies 8

  • ADST: Food Studies 10

  • Food Studies 11

The Foods and Nutrition Department teaches students how to explore new skills in the kitchen while maintaining and demonstrating a food safe environment. Students are excited to explore new recipes; and as they grow in the program, they develop and hone their culinary talents.  

Our Grade 8 students are introduced to the essential skills of measuring, baking and cooking using simple but tasty recipes. As students continue in Grade 10, they further refine these skills by following more complex recipes which challenge them and teach them new methods.  

In our senior course, students are immersed in a complete cooking experience. They work more independently in the kitchen and are encouraged to add their own personal tastes and preferences to their creations. They use sophisticated cooking techniques and create progressively elaborate recipes including a complete high tea, homemade pasta and much, much more.  

The Foods and Nutrition program prepares students with an important life skill, while also teaching them how to work collaboratively in a safe and organized environment. Students give back to the community by making treats for various functions at the school, supporting families in need, and feeding the hungry at the Door is Open.


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