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Department Head:

C. Law


  • Science 9

  • Science 10

  • Chemistry 11

  • Earth Science 11

  • Environmental Science 11

  • Life Sciences 11

  • Physics 11

  • Anatomy and Physiology 12

  • Chemistry 12

  • Physics 12

In Science, students at Notre Dame learn to investigate, understand and explain our natural, physical world and the wider universe through the lens of our Catholic worldview.

Students generate and test their ideas, gather evidence and make observations to carry out investigations. They model scientific ideas, and communicate and debate with others. The development of their scientific knowledge, understanding, and explanations, comes from logical, systematic work and from creative insights built on a foundation of evidence.

Notre Dame’s Science Department enables its students to pursue their passions - whether it is in the area of health and medicine, engineering, chemistry or geology. Our world needs creative scientists for continued innovation. Our students develop their problem solving and decision making skills, developing their scientific perspective, while taking into account social and ethical considerations in their journey to become future global and place-conscious scientists.


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