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A New System: MyED BC

Updated: May 14, 2023

Notre Dame began the process of implementing a new school information system (SIS) in December 2021. Many of our students already have some experience with it as they would have logged on to complete their course selections this past spring.

We finished the 2021-2022 academic year in PowerSchool. As of this September, ND is officially on the provincially-developed MyEducation BC, a SIS used by public schools and an increasing number of independent ones.

We will do all 2022-2023 reporting through MyEd.

At the moment, only returning students in Grades 9-12 have access to the system. Grade 8s and other new students will have user accounts created for them closer to the formal start of the school year.

Portal access has not yet been enabled for parents. When family user accounts are created later in September, parents will receive an email with login info.

This is Notre Dame’s first year on MyEd, so we fully anticipate some learning curves. Please email if you encounter any difficulties with accounts – providing the user’s full name will enable us to serve you faster. Thanks in advance for your patience.

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