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Common Sensors & Common Sense Coding

Updated: May 14, 2023

🤖 Robotics Club does it all with flying colours.

Students in Robotics Club have been exploring sensors — namely, visible light, sound, infrared, and touch sensors — as well as coding.

***Watch the action in Grade 8 student Seandre Alfonso's awesome Highlights video.***

For this mini-competition, Mr. Calderwood had tasked students with programming their robot to initialize based on input from a touch sensor. The robots needed to be able to move a set distance, turn on a light detection sensor, and detect whether the block in front of them was 🟥 red, 🟩 green, or 🟦 blue.

Students had to program three codes, each corresponding to one of the three colours. Which code they ultimately ran was based on what block their team was asked to pick up and what block their team was asked to avoid and back away from.

If they successfully brought their own colour block back to their team's side, they got two points. If they successfully avoided a block belonging to an opponent's team, they got one point.

Students got competitive, and even began programming their robots to pick up their team's block and drive it into their opponent, preventing them from gaining a point by not touching the block.

The Results

Brobots came 1st with 16 points; Mega Team, with 8; Tuesday, with 7.

Last but not least, Decepticons stayed true to their team name — opting to be competition “saboteurs” rather than try to earn a place on the podium!


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